Welcome to NoroGard – With more than 50 years of experience in sophisticated seed treatment.

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Seed Treatment Technology


NoroGard is a niched specialist in seed coating technology

We were the first manufacturers of batch seed treaters, and have since then kept on developing sophisticated seed coating equipment tailored to customer’s needs. We now offer seed coaters for batch, continuous and laboratory use. We have a range of treaters within various capacities and features, both for coating and pelleting. We manufacture dryers for laboratory use and we provide our Build-Up powder Excellence.

Seed Coating technology needs to be flexible to different kinds of seeds as well as the circumstances of seed production. Over the years we’ve developed strong relations with customers as well as institutes and universities. This has resulted in great feedback that keeps our seed coating products up to date.

Read more about our range of coating technology and pelletising products here, and don’t hesitate contacting us for more information!

Batch seed treater R1000

Seed Coaters

We manufacture and distribute a full range of seed coaters for continuous, batch and laboratory use, within all capacities. All seed coaters are developed and manufactured in-house which proves as a guarantee for product quality. Speaking of guarantees, all our treaters are CE Certified for European Worker Safety Standard.


In 2019 we launched our first laboratory dryer as the perfect compliment to our NoroGard R300 Laboratory Seed Coater. In 2020 the range of Seed Dryers will grow.
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In 2019 we launched our first build-up powder for pelleting. The NoroGard Excellence build-up power brings many perks but the main one is that all you need to add when using ours, is water! NoroGard Excellence opens up to a whole new world of seed pelleting.