Expertise – Norogard

NoroGard has been in the industry since 1965 and put the very first batch seed treater on the market. Over the years we have developed a lot of knowledge and experience regarding seed treatment, making us a key player within the niched sector of seed treatment technology. This is knowledge we are happy to share. 

We asked our representatives what came to mind when talking about NoroGard

I had the pleasure visiting NoroGard even though it was still the old plant. (Looking forward to the new one!) I felt a high level of harmony among the team. This spirit certainly finds its way into the technology of really high standards. I was impressed. Even the boxes for shipping are highest level securing the value inside. I hope we can adopt few of your inspiring ways to my little company. We are on our way.
First thing that pops for me is high tech, high quality equipment. I have very high expectations about application quality and durability. Plus being a Swedish company also reinforce this feeling!
I remember the company from the early 1970's when the brand was Kenogard. Norogard identity has greater appeal to North Americas in my opinion as we have high regard for the politics and people of the Nordick nations. When it comes to the products they have a fresh Sandinavian design. The treater as sophisticated (accuracy andelectronics) for the modern seed application products but maintain a simple design. I kinda like the people, culture of the staff and reps.
Gary Billups
Crippen International, USA