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In 2019 we moved to new facilities just 30 minutes from Copenhagen Airport and 15 minutes from Malmö City. 

Here we build all NoroGard seed treaters in-house, arrange pelletising workshops and grow stronger together as a team.

Phone: +46 411 – 491 50


Elina Nilsson
Elina is our marketing manager as well as head of economics at NoroGard. Reach her on phone number +46 411 - 491 56 or email at
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Jesper Rosendahl
Jesper is our Chief Technology Officer which means he's leading the technical developments of our seed treaters. He's also responsible for the support and service of NoroGard equipment. Give him a call at +46 411 - 491 53 or email him at
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Lars Nilsson
Lars is our Production Manager and is thereby managing the manufacturing of our NoroGard seed treaters. Reach him on phone number +46 411 - 491 57 or email at
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