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NoroGard has been manufacturing seed treatment equipment since 1965 when the first batch seed treater was built. Since then we’ve been working closely with universities, institutes and global representatives. Thanks to them, we have been able to continuously develop sophisticated seed treatment that is customer tailored to endure tough conditions and precise loading rates.


Over the years we have developed strong relations with our business partners which has helped us in the development of our seed treaters. Being so focused on seed treaters has therefore made NoroGard experts in seed coating and pelleting. We are more than happy to share this knowledge with you so that you too can produce high quality application on each and everyone of your seeds.

Free Lifetime Support

Free Lifetime Support

NoroGard Seed Treaters are built to last for 20 years, simply because there is no room for the treater to break down in the middle of the season. This keeps lifecycle costs down and ensures for quality treatment season after season. However, in cases where support is needed in-between the treatment seasons, we always provide free support no matter how long your treater has been in the game.

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Meet Team Norogard

NoroGard is built on relationships built all over the world for the past 55 years. Some of our representants have therefore been part of our development for over 20 years. Together, we are learning from each other and growing stronger. Many of our representatives have also become dear friends of ours. Meet some of them here.
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Seed Treating Services, UK
Established in 1989, Seed Treating Services Ltd offer servicing and maintenance of most seed treating equipment. Richard Wreathall and his team has been a dear friend and a one of our greatest assets for decades. The STS team holds over 30 years of experience in the industry and have a proven track record in service and repair for major chemical providers in the British region. Richard is also our distribution agent in the UK for the full range of seed treatment equipment. In order to get in touch with Richard, click here:
australian grain systems
Australian Grain Systems, Australia Australian Grain Systems make up for our largest market to deliver to and also represents our longest partnership. Andrew Hollaway and his team are market specialists in the manufacturing of mobile seed plants in Australia as well as the the world market. Due to the specific needs of the mobile seed treatment industry, we are offering Andrew some customizations to our range in order to meet the specific needs of his customers. His eye for quality and reliability is the reason as to why he is our sole distributor of NoroGard seed treatment equipment in the Australian market. Get in touch with Andrew here:
Oliver Manufacturing South America
Oliver Manufacturing South America Oliver Manufacturing also has a South American representation managed by our dear friend Ian Jepsen Ely. With Brazilian roots, Ian is an important part of the team, Spanish and Portugese being his native languages. Ian has visited us in Sweden many times and hold extensive knowledge of the sophistication of NoroGard treaters. In order to get in touch with Ian, go to
oliver logga
Oliver Manufacturing
Oliver Manufacturing is a 3rd generation manufacturer, located in Colorado, USA, over 90 years ago. Specialized in gravity separators for seed treatment, Brian Burney and his team are representing NoroGard sophisticated seed treaters on the US market. With their extensive experience within the industry, the Oliver team is a great asset to Team NoroGard. In order to get in touch with Brian and his team, go to
ruttman logo
Ruttmann GmbH, Germany One of our newest additions to the team is Ruttmann GmbH in Germany. A family owned business founded by Klaas Ruttman and now managed by his son Lars. Lars comes from an extensive background within the industry of seed treatment and is a valued addition to our team. Aside from being a NoroGard distributor, Lars and his team also distribute colour sorting machines for seed treatment. To get in touch with Lars and his team, click here:
serafin logo
Serafin P.U.H, Poland Serafin Maszyny is our Polish representants with Andrzej Serafin in the lead. Andrzej and his team offer a wide range of machinery for the agricultural market and far more extensive than just the seed treatment segment. Serafin has been part of Team NoroGard for a long time and has extensive knowledge of our treaters and their range of capacities and functions. Due to their dedication for innovation and customer satisfaction, they have also recieved numerous awards for their work. If you seek to get in touch with Andrzej and his team, click here:

Boulder A.G, USA
Kevin is a new addition to our team, but a long-time friend within the industry. He recently started his own advisory company within seed treatment as a result of his extensive career within machinery and the sales of seed treatment equipment. Thanks to this, he’s gained great knowledge of our range of equipment. Welcome to the Team, Kevin! If you would like to get in touch with Kevin, click here:

Zernovoy Standart, Russia

Zernovoy Standart, Russia
Zernovoy Standart in Russia is a proud representant of ours and are covering the Russian market for seed treatment equipment. With an eye for quality, Aleksey Koltakov is teamed up with multiple Swedish actors within seed treatment technology and has become a dear friend of ours. Aleksey and his team have distributed and installed numerous sophisticated seed treaters in Russia the past years. The Zernovoy team is dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient technology to their customers and never disappoints. In order to get in touch with Aleksey, go to his website here:

JSC BorisovPlant Metallist, Belarus
JSC BorisovPlant Metallist, Belarus Metallist cover all needs within agritechnology for the Belarus market as well as Kazakstan, the Baltics and Ukraine. Including the cleaning, drying, storage and coating of seed. For small on-farm uses, all the way up to large state-owned seed plants. The Metallist team is always keeping the customer in their best interest and is a long time representant of the NoroGard range. Get in touch with the team here: