NoroGard x Westrup

Merging two strong brands, years of experience and valuable knowledge under one roof

NoroGard and Westrup have partnered up and will continue to provide sophisticated seed treatment solutions to the world. 

We are proud to introduce the NoroGard x Westrup brand, manufactured at Westrup in Denmark.

Following NoroGard’s agreement with Westrup, Westrup is now in a position to add an entire line of seed treaters to their already wide selection of seed sorting equipment for the benefit of both NoroGard and Westrup’s customers.

Westrup is proud to be able to integrate such a strong brand as NoroGards is and continue the work of designing sophisticated seed treatment solutions tailored towards specific processing needs.

Westrup will from now onwards handle all sales, service and manufacturing of NoroGard seed treaters. 

NoroGard is known industrywide for their niched specialization in seed coating technology – a technology that we are looking forward to integrating into our business and share first-handedly with you. The many years of successful development of seed treating equipment has resulted in valuable, high-quality equipment that we are proud the be able to offer to all our customers.

We are looking forward to welcoming all – new and existing, NoroGard customers to Westrup and to continue to uphold the legacy of NoroGard by providing the best service and support to all in the future.

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Bo Borne Jørgensen

CEO, Westrup A/S

NoroGard and Westrup have partnered to offer all customers the best selection of seed and grain processing equipment.

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The Westrup brand is expanding with 55+ years of seed treating experience from NoroGard, allowing a one-stop-shop for all customers looking for seed and grain processing equipment.