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Support & Service

The support and service of your NoroGard seed treater is key in assuring you get the best application quality possible with your seed treater. 

NoroGard seed treaters are built to last for 20 years, and to tare instead of breaking. It is in our best interest to make sure you get as little downtime as possible, because we know what kind of consequences that means for you. Due to this, we always provide lifetime free support for your NoroGard seed treater. 

We have certified NoroGard technicians ready to support you with whatever query you might have regarding your seed treater. Furthermore, we also present the opportunity for start-ups of new treaters, service and inspection of seed treaters in need for some care, and keep records of spare parts no matter how many decades your treater has been in the game. 

Our After Sales Services


Upon purchasing a NoroGard seed treater, there’s an option to include a 3 Step Start-Up where a  certified NoroGard technician controls the installation of equipment, carry out operator training for calibration, operation,  cleaning and maintenance. After this, the treater is up and running. 

Inspection of Treater

NoroGard seed treaters are built to last for 20 years. However, they are also operating under strenuous conditions. We are therefore providing a service of a treater inspection where a certified NoroGard technician carry out an inspection, provides an inspection protocol and a linked quote. A restauration plan is then set up, tailored to your wants and needs.


We always offer the possibility of our NoroGard technicians to carry out service work on your treater. This ensures application quality and enlonged life time of your treater. A service consists of changing the worn out parts of the treater that are necessary for the treater to perform at full capacity and with the desired quality season after season.


In case of any inquiries or issues with your seed treater, we provide free lifetime support. No matter how long your treater have been running, we supply spare parts and service to minimise your downtime. 

Start-Up South Korea

On the small island Jeju, south of Korea, you’ll find Jenong Seed. During Ketty’s and Jesper’s journey through Korea, they spent some great days with the team at Jenong Seed. 

A start-up was carried out for their R534 as well as operator training, so that Section Chief Dai-Sik Jung feels 100% confident in working with his new treater. 

Mr. Jung is born and raised on the island, where he still lives and works at Jenong Seed since he finished his education. Great to meet people who feel so passionate about their profession!

Jenong Seed, South Korea 2019


When purchasing a NoroGard seed treater there is an option for a start-up to ensure a smooth start of operation with the treater, at the desired level of quality and function. The Start-Up programme is carried out in 3 steps along with a certified NoroGard technician. 

Control of installation

Once the treater has been installed, the NoroGard representative will control and ensure that the installation has been carried out accordingly so that the seed treater is ready for operation. 

Operator Training

The operator is given a thorough introduction to the new equipment and learns to programme, calibrate, run and operate, as well as learning the cleaning and maintenance procedures of the treater. 

First Run

When the NoroGard technician is packing up to leave, the seed treater will be up and running, ready for operation and the operator can feel confident in how to manage the seed treater. 

Inspection of Treater

NoroGard seed treaters are built to last for 20 years, and records show they often run for even longer than that. However, they also operate under strenuous conditions and can sometimes benefit from some more thorough care and maintenance. We are therefore offering an in-depth inspection of your seed treater, to then provide you with a protocol of the inspection and a quote. It is then up to you to decide how extensive you want the restauration to be, and we tailor a plan for you to get the most out of your seed treatment as possible. 

Contact us for more information, and we’ll get back to you!

NoroGard has a strong relationship with the Swedish agriculture cooperative Lantmännen where massive amounts of treated seed leaves their seed plant each week. During intense periods leading upp to fall and spring, approximately 1.000 tons of seed gets treated in our NoroGard R45 Continuous Seed Treater. This is a relationship we are proud about and we love to see the difference that Lantmännen makes in Swedish agriculture. We’re also proud of the project of improvement that our CTO Jesper is working on along with Mike and Roger at the Lantmännen seed facility in Skänninge, Sweden. 

Lantmännen, Sweden

Lifetime Support

We always provide free support for whenever you are in need of help and assistance regarding your seed treater. We also keep you supplied with spare parts no matter how many years your treater has been in operation. Get in touch with us!


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