Support & Service

All of our NoroGard Seed Coaters are designed and constructed within our facilities in Malmö, Sweden. This means that each seed coater is designed to fit your needs and provide a solution as to how you can make your seed coating processes more efficient, as well as with increased quality. It also means that all of our seed coating equipment is constructed by technicians who has been part of Team NoroGard for many years.

Team NoroGard is always putting great value into making sure we maintain good relations with all of our parters, and want for you to get in touch with the right person for your queries. In case you have any questions or thoughts regarding, for example, the installation, operation or capacity of your NoroGard Seed Coater, feel free contact our CTO Jesper Rosendahl.

Jesper Rosendahl 



Phone: +46 411 491 53