NoroGard R45 Continuous Seed Coating

NoroGard R45 Continuous  Seed Treater.

Coating Capacity: 18-45 Ton/hour.

The NoroGard R45 provides sophisticated seed treatment suitable for a wide range of seeds. The R45 can be customized to fit your specific coating needs for good economy and with quality application. The continuous seed treater is designed to provide easy operation and cleaning with all treatment taking place within a closed system. 

The NoroGard R45 Continuous Seed Treater is designed for sophisticated treatments of volume seeds and performs top-quality application. You can connect remotely with any device through internet and supervice your process for quality control.

The NoroGard R45 Continuous Seed Treater is suitable for seed plants with a need for sophisticated treatment of cereals, corn, peas, soybeans, OSR, cotton, sunflowers etc.

Control system with manual calibration is made by pumping the treating liquid to a separate measuring glass in a closed system. When the settings and calibrations are made, the machine run continuously. It is also possible to get an even more sophisticated supervision system with a larger size touch screen.

By adding NoroGard ULD Control system to your system you get an automatic calibration of dosage rates for both liquids and powders, and a continuous control of dosage rates. NoroGard R45 controlsystem holds a GSM modem for connection to NoroGard service department and/or connection from an optional device like mobilephone, tablet or computor to supervice your operations. All internet traffic is free during warranty, then you choose between continued support or independency.

The treatment as well as the treaters handling of the treatment liquid, from barrel to treating, takes place in a closed system. You can add up to 10 separate liquid dosage systems, make adjustments and operate from a touchscreen with display. All vital parts are easily accessible for cleaning and service which makes the R45 fast up and running again after cleaning. By a simple cleaning you prevent the build-up of chemicals in the machine. With modern complex treatments R45 will allow you to apply treatment evenly in small dosages for good economy and correct treatment of each seed.

The R45 is approved for the European CE workers safety standards.

Options for control system:

• R45, Schneider PLC controlled with NoroGard software including recipe management and manual calibration.


• R45 ULD, Schneider PLC controlled with NoroGard software including recipe management and automatic calibration with continuous flow control.

Options for ad on:

• Remote control cabinet consisting of a touch panel and a start/stop button. Should preferably be placed at the filling up station.

• Added separate dosing systems, maximum 10, for liquids. Each dosage system has a capacity of 50-1200 ml/100kg seeds.

• Powder feeding system.

• Double mixing tubes

• Printer for printing statistics

• Hectolitre weigher to control the hectolitre weight.

• Printer for printing out statistics.

• Atomiser for mixing of treatment liquid with water.

• Customisation for treatment of grass seed.