NoroGard R24 Continuous Seed Treater – Norogard

R24 Continuous Seed Treater

The NoroGard R24 Continuous Seed Treater holds a capacity of 10-24 tons/hour with a dosing rate of 100-1,000 ml/100kg seed. The seed treater is reliable, easy to operate and easy to clean. Furthermore, the R24 is equipped with a modem connection, making it easy connecting to the treater from anywhere and with any mobile device. 

More Capacity

NoroGard R24 Continuous Seed Treater holds many similarities with R15 and R20, differentiated by their capacity. The R24 performs at a capacity of 10-24 tons/hour and is built to last for 20 years. This makes it a very reliable treater with little need for maintenance. Furthermore, application quality, easy cleaning and accurate dosing rates are key features of the R24. 

It is important to us that you get the most out of your treater as possible and therefore, we provide a list of options for your treater. These options include an atomiser for premix of treatment liquid and water, a powder feeding system, up to 4 dosing systems, an extra remote control cabinet with touch panel and start/stop button, as well as an extra mixing tube. 

Learn more about the R24 by downloading the product leaflet below. 

Fully Automatic vs ULD

The R24 is available in two different PLC versions, a fully automatic one or the ULD option. Depending on what level of sophistication you prefer and benefit the most from. 

FUlly Automatic

The fully automatic option includes a Schneider PLC with NoroGard software. It also includes a recipe management allowing for up to 99 recipes saved, and operates with manual calibration of seed treater. 


The ULD option includes a Schneider PLC with NoroGard Software. The ULD too includes recipe management allowing up to 99 recipes in the PLC. However, the ULD includes automatic calibration with continuous flow control in dosing system.