Seed Certifications will save you money, and this is why

Bag of certified coated seed with germination warranty.

More than 60% of the world’s population is relying on the agriculture industry for survival. Which means that its technological advancements have been a significant contributor toward better living standards and personal interdependence and making the world a better place. These technological innovations include automated calibration of dosage systems, integrated scales, accurate application even at small dosages, along with all other features that comes with sophisticated seed treatment. However, an improved standard of living and increased profitability within the agricultural economies around the world, they are dependent on the seed produced to hold a high quality and growth rate.


Because the seed will be purchased without knowledge of whether it is dead or alive, seed certifications are established to ensure the set growth rate. Certified seed will, in turn, both minimise cost of seed and improve profitability. A seed certification means that an official examination has been carried out regarding the quality, salubrity, indentity and purity. Furthermore, certified seed ensure that the seed fulfils all the set requirements of the seed, as well as safeguarding that you receive the right type of seed. You are also insured to purchase seed that is healthy and treated appropriately for it to grow successfully, without bearing pathogens.


The seed certificate can only be assigned once the seed fulfils all aspects of the controls carried out. These includes; Each unit of seed must be test-grown before sowing, as well as monitored throughout the entire growth cycle. This to ensure that the seed is growing accordingly and that no other varieties are involved. The production plant is also monitored to determine how seeds are sowed and grown in the facilities. The purpose is to ensure that weed, diseases and other varieties does not exist in the production of a particular seed. The certification also secure that the test-growth of a seed is representative for the entire seed unit. Lastly, the seed unit is analysed in a laboratory to assure that it is the right variety of seed, that no other varieties occur, and that the rate of pure seed is high enough. The germination and water level of the seed is also examined, as well as determining whether the seed is carrying any pathogens.


The seed treatment applications therefore ensure that each seed sold has been equipped with products that provide advantages when growing. The NoroGard seed treaters are designed in a way that even the smallest dosage rates perform top quality treatment of each individual seed. Seed certification as well as the seed treatment procedures operating with high quality yet low dosage rates results in minimised costs and improved growth profit.

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