Pocket money with a focus on the environment.

The meaning of environmental safety can be individual, and the perception of what actions should be taken differs among leaders from nation to nation.

Getting a glass of fresh clean water from the tap or gazing at a clear sky uninterrupted by pollution is something some of us take for granted. But that’s not the case with our next generation. We’re seeing millennials demand corporate sustainability, fair trade and the desire to go green. And all data shows that in order to grow a profitable business in 2017 and beyond, an environmental focus is mandatory.

In planning for the future, last year NoroGard decided to step up its environmental work. But to be honest, we hadn’t given it much effort previously. To help kick start our initiative, we joined a study by the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE). This organization seeks to advance knowledge on how to catalyze the transition to low-carbon and resource-efficient economies across different themes of governance and management.

After being under the watchful eyes of IIIEE for six months, we were prepared for a lecture and had mentally braced ourselves for an expensive change of routines. So you can imagine my surprise, and relief, when the report showed that we have first-degree environmental work and fully satisfying routines.

What came to light was that NoroGard, founded by an old blacksmith who knew how to count every penny, still operates within the original culture set forth by our founder. We don’t spend any extra on material, and our engineers make sure that nothing goes to waste. We build our business on relationships and use local suppliers. By not spending extra resources, we save money while saving resources and the environment.

What this study really showed us is that being cost efficient in our decisions also gives us environmental benefits, and more importantly, the environmental focus is good for bottom line.

When it comes to seed treatments, we need to educate our next generation about their benefits, specifically their low environmental impact compared to other options available. We must also communicate and demonstrate that our industry takes responsibility for the environment.

You can save money and the environment by using a small (in scale) and compact seed treater that’s easy to clean. With less downtime and less operator exposure, you’ll save money. This also results in a very small amount of waste, in the form of contaminated water. Seed treaters with dust reduction are not only a wise choice for the environment but also benefit your operator’s health.

Consider a closed equipment system, and check to see if there is a risk analysis for leakage. I don’t recommend peristaltic pumps, which are known to wear out your hoses. Closed systems provide operator safety and lower maintenance costs for your production.

By using a sophisticated seed treatment applicator, you ensure high quality application and accurate dosage rates. This means you can use extremely low application rates with low tolerances and flow control. NoroGard’s seed treater has dosage rates as small as 50 milliliters per 100 kilograms of seed, or 1.69 ounces per 220 pounds. This significantly changes your bottom line and return of investment. By not over applying products and not wasting water to get an even application, you’re also benefitting the environment.

Last, but not least, keep your seed treatment area clean and use proper personal protective equipment. Let’s work together to improve our environment and save some money.

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