Five Reasons to Invest in a Sophisticated Seed Coater

Back in the days, your operator was a loyal workers who oversaw the seed treatment process and knew the art as well as their own hands. Today is different. Temporary workers are more commons and people tend to change workplace frequently. Investing in fully automatic seed treatment systems provides multiple benefits and opportunities. Let me introduce you to five of them.

All NoroGard seed coaters with a PLC system are provided with a modem connection through mobile networks which allows you to control your seed treatment processes through your mobile device or computer. This type of recordings and reporting shows the amount of treated seed, the dosing rates and how much product has been used as well as controlling this data. This includes the ability to build or monitor recipes remotely. Accessing these data records provides a number of benefits including quality control, the ability to share statistics, decreased risk of human error, improved working environment and distance supervision.

An investment in quality control assures the same high level of quality from week to week, as well as from season to season. This provides a great advantage and strength for the organization since the seed treatment processes are not depending on a single person to measure, dose and control the seed treatments. Furthermore, the access to reports and recordings means that demanded production or quality statistics can be shared easily with the customer.

NoroGard seed coaters with this type of system also allow for the statistics and data to be supervised, controlled and shared from a distance which once again, proves a strength for the organization. Not only does the system run without a worker’s presence being vital for the production, it also minimizes the risk of human error. Because the seed treatment is controlled through the modem connection, it is easy to follow already set recipes and avoid mistakes from being made. The PLC system provides seed coating processes where only the required amount of coating product is used which, in turn, leads to less dust and liquid contaminating both the water system and the air you are breathing. Due to this, a seed coater with a sophisticated PLC system also provides a better work environment. The modem controlled system also means that the worker does not have to handle these types of products themselves, but measures and dosage through a touch screen.

This level of reporting results in customer confidence as you can assure customers an even level of quality throughout time as well as the ability to track seed treating processes in terms of quality guarantee. By delivering statistical data on the seed coating processes, your customers can be assured they get what they pay for based on how much treatment has been applied. This, along with the dosing rates of active ingredients, water and color, can be emailed or printed off to the customer. Knowing the precise dosing rates provides more efficient inventory management through lower costs of active ingredients, easy tracking of seed treatment production and easy supervision.

Lastly, operating your seed coating processes through a PLC system is highly beneficial for regulatory purposes. In terms of various ISO certifications, this type of supervision allows easy quality controls and trackability. In combination with the closed systems that the NoroGard seed coaters are equipped with, the operator is not exposed to treating liquids, physical safety is assured and the risk of human error is minimized.

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