NoroGard was founded by an old blacksmith who knew how to count every penny, and we still operate within the original culture set forth by our founder. We don’t spend any extra on material, and our engineers make sure that nothing goes to waste. We build our business on relationships and use local suppliers. By not spending extra resources, we save money while saving resources and the environment.

The NoroGard seed treaters are compact and operate within a closed system. This does not only reduce the risk of leakage, but also minimises dust which is beneficial for both the environment and the health of the operator. By using a sophisticated seed treatment applicator, you ensure high quality application and accurate dosage rates. This means you can use extremely low application rates with low tolerances and flow control. NoroGard’s seed treater has dosage rates as small as 50 milliliters per 100 kilograms of seed, or 1.69 ounces per 220 pounds. This significantly changes your bottom line and return of investment. By not over applying products and not wasting water to get an even application, you’re also benefitting the environment. The compact design of our treaters also means less moving parts which makes cleaning and operation easy and with no danger for the operator. The small design also result in less contaminated water entering the ground water system.

Furthermore, the NoroGard seed treaters are built to last for over 20 years which means that all the environmentally beneficial factors that come with a NoroGard treater, also provides a long-lasting investment. Which means that you can be profitable and environmentally friendly!

Sustainable Development Goals

Can you afford not to build corporate sustainability?

The United Nations have launched sustainable development goals as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The goals are addressing the global challenges we are facing including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environment degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.  2019 is the year to take action towards these goals, join us in the investment for our future. 

Sustainability isn't a sacrifice, its Good for Business

Companies embracing sustainability initiatives may discover benefits and opportunities they hadn’t even dreamed about. Read the article about how sustainability will help you grow your business. 

It’s time for your expertise to shine

When 850 million people worldwide are lacking nutritious food, and thereby have been denied basic human rights, lead actors within the agricultural industry hold a bigger responsibility than ever.

Start digging where you’re standing

Before taking on large projects of change, start with yourself, the contacts you have in your network and your own team. What you’re doing today to ensure your own health and well-being?