NoroGard is based in Sweden where we develop and have been producing high quality continuous seed treatment equipment since 1965. The NoroGard Batch Seed Treater was the first on the market. We have since then continued the development of the batch treater and high quality seed treatment equipment. Today the NoroGard seed treaters have a sophisticated control system and NoroGard Diaphragm pumps. A keystone at NoroGard is personal service and customisation, we therefore deliver all our seed treaters with personal support world wide. All NoroGard equipment that´s PLC controlled are also connected to internet from the point of installation to give you the ultimate support and quality control.

The NoroGard pumps are one of our innovations developed and made in house and specially designed to perform under tough conditions. The NoroGard Diahragm pump is outstanding in reliability and low maintenance compared to any peristaltic pump on the market. The NoroGard pumps have a pressure equalization for an even flow with less pulses, which insures high dosing accuracy. The NoroGard pumps are also reversible, easy to operate and have a long life cycle.