NoroGard has gone through years and decades of growth, development and innovative seed treatment solutions. It all started in the early 1960’s by a local blacksmith, Joel Rosengren manufacturing continuous seed treaters. In the 70´s a man called Jim Elsworth took a small demo machine of no more than 150 mm in diameter, and made into a fully functioning seed treater. After years of testing, improvements and adjustments, he presented the ‘Rotostat’ to the British Crop Protection Council (BCPC) at the annual Brighton Conference. By then, the Rotostat was growing on the market, shipping to various countries in the world, Poland amongst others in partnership with NoroGard. Later, he decided to sell the company to NoroGard as he recieved a position as the Cheif Technical Advisor for a UN project in Africa.

Taking over the development of the ‘Rotostats’ has brought NoroGard through a great progress. NoroGard was a family run company for many years, located in little town Skurup and run by Joel and his sons. Furthermore, the NoroGard brand was taken over by a mechanical workshop company in Malmö in 2015. NoroGard has gone from a one man company run by Jim Elsworth, to a company with approximately 10 employees. Some of which has been with us for decades.

Today NoroGard is represented by 54 distributors world wide.

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