Visits & Guests

Prince Trading and FACT, South Korea

4th September 2019

Upon receiving their new NoroGard R534 we welcomed our Korean representative, Yoon along with his colleagues at FACT for a day of training in their new equipment

This is a service we are happy to provide when purchasing a new NoroGard Seed Treater. It means the training is flexible and tailored to your needs and grants full insight into how to get the most out of the new treater as possible. We go through the NoroGard software, cleaning and maintenance procedures and the installation of the equipment. This way, the treater will be up and running quick and easy! 

If you are interested in this sort of training, don’t hesitate to contact us when placing your order! 

New Holland Agriculture Japan

2nd May 2019

Two days of immersive training, strengthening of relations and exchange of experiences. 

Right before Easter, NoroGard were honoured by a visit from our friends at New Holland Agriculture Japan. During two days we had arranged for immersive training in their new equipment, as well as the NoroGard characteristics. However, their two day visit presented so much more! 

A workshop was carried out where they got to learn about the NoroGard software and the characteristics of their new NoroGard R24 Continuous Seed Treater. We also covered the topics of how to get the most out of the equipment through application quality, operator health and safety, the importance of appropriate cleaning and maintenance, and the functions of the R24. 

They were taught how to install their equipment once it arrives to their facility, and how to kick start their treatment procedures in order to minimise downtime. 

All in all, it was a great two days full of educational benefits, hands on training, and stronger relationships. Our Japanese friends left Sweden with new expertise and ready to kick start their new R24 Continuous Seed Treater. 

If you wish a similar workshop, tailored for your organisation and NoroGard Seed Treater, don’t hesitate contacting us! 

Two representatives very happy with their NoroGard jackets!