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NoroGard is from a long history of customer tailored innovations, strong relationships and transparency. NoroGard was founded on these principles in 1965. And the growth of NoroGard has been on the same principles. Team NoroGard is something we are very proud of, and consider as key stones in our growth.  

NoroGard seed treaters are made for our customers and operators. They are made to last for 20 years, they are made to save costs and to provide high quality application. 

But the key to our growth, has been to get to know the people whom we work with. So through the NoroGard blog, we show you glimpses of the everyday life at NoroGard. We present you to new representatives and members of Team NoroGard. And we bring you with us on the visits and travels that we do. 

Blog Categories

Visits & Guests

Our doors are always open for visitors and we are opening up even more opportunities for training and workshops within our facilities. This category contains memories of guests that we’ve had, and the visits we’ve done ourselves.



From time to time, we write and post articles and columns regarding sophisticated seed treatment. Sometimes independent ones and at other times they are in collaboration with other organisations. Nevertheless, this category holds some great pieces of information and thoughts!

Team NoroGard

NoroGard is all about relationships and growing stronger together. We share with you some glimpses of our everyday life at NoroGard, talk to our representatives and give you an idea of what NoroGard is all about as well as where the seed treaters are being manufactured.