A Busy Team NoroGard in October!

October has been keeping us busy! We’ve launched the NoroGard Batch Dryer AND the NoroGard Excellence Build-up material, Jesper and Erland paid a visit to Finland for some service work, we exhibited at EuroSeeds in Stockholm, and we invited our suppliers and business partners for two open days. 

It’s been a great time to connect with Team NoroGard, show our latest innovations and just build stronger relationships! Not only have many of our distributors been with us for a long time, so has some of our suppliers! Always great to have them onboard with us! 

Support Gender Equality in 3 Steps

Women produce a vast majority of the food in developing countries and work an average of 12-13 hours more than her male colleagues each week. Despite this, only 10-20% of farmland in these countries is owned or managed by a woman. Studies have shown that by investing in and empowering women in agriculture, improvements are clearly shown in productivity and rural livelihoods.

Diversity has been an obvious stance at NoroGard for a very long time which has resulted in a great mix of experiences and personalities, allowing for our organization to grow! The NoroGard management team is 50% female and so is our production. A move that’s only brought positive effects. Studies and reports actually show that gender equal businesses hold a higher annual revenue, than all-male corporations do.

This weekend the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference kicks off in Ontario, Canada (27-29thOctober), and in a few weeks the Women in Food and Agriculture conference runs in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (3-4thDecember). The rise of female entrepreneurs is growing within the agricultural sector too and this is the ultimate opportunity to show our support! On Instagram you’ll find hashtags such as #WomenInAgriculture and #FemaleFarmer with thousands of posts and followers across the world and similar groups can easily be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter too.

So, how can you support gender equality and female empowerment in three simple steps?

First, show the women you work with on a daily basis some appreciation! Let them know you see and appreciate all the hard work that they put in.

Second, spend a few minutes to find an organization or group within your preferred social media channel that raise awareness for women in agriculture and find a way to support them. Whether it’s through likes and positive feedback, or its more materialistic support. It’s up to you!

Third, take your female colleagues into account! Help them grow, listen to what they have to say and trust them to help the business grow!  

Start Digging Where You're Standing

In Sweden we have a saying that’s frequently used when discussing the startup of a project or change. Start digging where you’re standing. Before taking on large projects of change, start with yourself, the contacts you have in your network and your own team. Same goes for sustainable development goal number three, ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Those of you who are already familiar with NoroGard, knows that we’re very passionate about ensuring the health and safety of the operators. By providing a work environment free from dust, chemicals and safety hazards, we take our responsibility as a manufacturer and innovator.

NoroGard is also ensuring the health and safety of our own team. In order for us to be growing stronger, we need to look after ourselves. This is why all members of our organization are provided free company healthcare with frequent check-ups and tests. This as well as lifestyle coaching, prevention of mental health issues and contributions towards for example glasses, gym memberships, massage, etc. that could help ensuring healthy lives for our team members. We are also running ongoing efforts for our work environment at our facilities. These cover everything from location of tools and furniture, risk management, noise control, safety precautions, mental health, working position and posture, to everything else that’s linked to the performance and health of our team.

So, start digging where you’re standing! Have a think about what you’re doing today to ensure your own health and well-being, then think about how you’re contributing towards an improved health of your team members or employees. What else can you do to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages?

NoroGard Guests: Prince Trading and FACT, South Korea

Upon receiving their new NoroGard R534 we welcomed our Korean representative, Yoon along with his colleagues at FACT for a day of training in their new equipment

This is a service we are happy to provide when purchasing a new NoroGard Seed Treater. It means the training is flexible and tailored to your needs and grants full insight into how to get the most out of the new treater as possible. We go through the NoroGard software, cleaning and maintenance procedures and the installation of the equipment. This way, the treater will be up and running quick and easy! 

If you are interested in this sort of training, don’t hesitate to contact us when placing your order! 

It's Time for Your Expertise to Shine

850 million people live in hunger today. Living a life in hunger is far beyond what any of us can comprehend. But when 850 million people worldwide are lacking nutritious food, and thereby have been denied basic human rights, lead actors within the agricultural industry hold a bigger responsibility than ever.

The second goal for sustainable development, as defined by the United Nations, boils down to providing nutritious food for everyone, to double the productivity and revenue for small scale food producers and to achieve sustainable food production. As well as investing in countryside infrastructure, agricultural science, technological innovation and gene banks. Goals so directly linked to what our products are set out to achieve and contribute towards. We have a responsibility towards the accomplishment of these goals.  

The global agricultural industry has made some big advancements over the years, and new technology hits the market every year. Advancements that has made huge impact on all of us. Not only in terms of the food that we bring to the table, but also in the sharing of knowledge between agronomists and the general public. It’s thanks to your expertise, that people now care about how fairly each farmer is treated, how our food is being produced and the quality of the food that we eat today. However, it’s more important than ever that we share this knowledge and innovation with those in need, in order to beat the world hunger. The technology we have access to today would help the vulnerable farmers to strengthen their capacity to adapt to climate change. Such as flooding, droughts or extreme weathers. The second goal for sustainable development also aims to end all forms of malnutrition by year 2030. A target that’s especially pointed towards the stunting and wasting of children below the age of five, as well as pregnant or lactating women and the elderly.

Seed coating equipment with accurate dosing rates and quality application will directly add nutrition to the crops, as well as guarantee an increased yield. In crops and in revenue. NoroGard is working closely with seed breeders and seed labs all over the world in order to contribute towards the investments in technology and agricultural science. Imagine what we can do, if we all work together. This is our time to shine. We are agronomists, scientists, salespeople, marketers, engineers and entrepreneurs, with knowledge and experience that could only be found within the agricultural industry.

The UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development covers some of the biggest challenges that we are facing in modern time. They may be difficult to grasp or to find ways to contribute towards. But we are spending our lives improving the industry and the ways of farming. If anyone has the knowledge and passion that is required to end world hunger, it’s us. It’s time to achieve something that we can be genuinely proud of, and if saving the starving children of the world isn’t a factor for motivation. Then I’m not sure what is.

It is time to step up our game

It is time we own up to the responsibility that we carry as actors within the agricultural industry. We need to gain and share knowledge. We need to look at ways in which we can contribute to the counteraction of poverty. We need to become supporters of the world’s charity organisations and we need to support farmers by purchasing Fairtrade certified produce. 

Although the world poverty has decreased since 1990, by nearly 70 percent, there is still a long way to go before anyone should feel satisfied. The United Nations have stated a goal to achieve zero poverty by year 2030, this is the first of 17 goals for sustainable development. Although the definition of poverty stretches way further than simply economic factors. We are discussing multidimensional poverty where people suffer from a lack of freedom, power, influence, health, education and physical safety. This amount is currently including 1,3 billion people worldwide, half of which are below the age of 18 years old. If this isn’t a motivating factor, then I don’t know what is.

What the UN is looking to achieve, is to eradicate poverty in all its dimensions. And whilst we’re at it, also establish social security schemes, provide equal rights to own property, access basic services, access to technology and economic resources. As well as building a resilience against economic, social and environmental disasters.

NoroGard is, for obvious reasons, entirely incapable of achieving this goal single handedly. However, being an organization within the agricultural sector, with our products and business partners being located literally worldwide, supporting this goal is a natural responsibility of ours. And it should be for you too. The key purpose of NoroGard is to put food on people’s tables. By utilizing the advanced and sophisticated technology that we have at our hands and applying it to our seed treatment equipment, we can help increasing the return of crops and build seed that is suitable for precisions planting. By optimizing farming, we counteract poverty. A treated seed is given the best conditions for survival against disease and insect infestation. As well as provided with the ability to receive appropriate nourishment for quick root development, a stronger plant and a higher yield of the harvest. Furthermore, a precision planted seed will not only increase the nourishing of the seed but also reduce the number of seeds needed per acre by 50-80 percent. We don’t stop there though. It is our mission to always work to improve the operator health and safety with our equipment. All our equipment is CE-Certified with a profound risk analysis, low water and electricity consumption.

NoroGard is built on a company culture that is constantly seeking to make best use of our, as well as nature’s resources. The core values that we are carrying today, are the same ones our founder established over 50 years ago. The only thing that has changed, is our knowledge regarding the impact we have with our equipment. The only way of achieving change is to learn more, and then share the new found knowledge with others! If we can help make sure that each and every farmer get the most out of their harvest, we can create economic stability, freedom, power and put food on their table. Building strong farmers is the foundation of obliterating poverty in all its dimensions and will contribute towards improved quality of life for people around the world.


How many of the products on your weekly grocery list, do you feel comfortable knowing it has been produced in a way where farmers are being supported and treated fairly?

John Kibbee R150

“I have been developing seed treatment products and seed treating processes for over thirty years, and the first step is to get a good piece of application equipment. NoroGard is my favourite choice – top quality application, easy to use, flexible for processing conditions, flexible on batch size, good for all types of seed, sturdy and reliable. It’s amazing how often I go into a new client and find that the quality of treating is really hindering their research and development effort, and the solution I recommend is a NoroGard treater.”
John Kibbee

NoroGard Guests: New Holland Agriculture Japan

Two days of immersive training, strengthening of relations and exchange of experiences

Right before Easter, NoroGard were honoured by a visit from our friends at New Holland Agriculture Japan. During two days we had arranged for immersive training in their new equipment, as well as the NoroGard characteristics. However, their two day visit presented so much more! 

A workshop was carried out where they got to learn about the NoroGard software and the characteristics of their new NoroGard R24 Continuous Seed Treater. We also covered the topics of how to get the most out of the equipment through application quality, operator health and safety, the importance of appropriate cleaning and maintenance, and the functions of the R24. 

They were taught how to install their equipment once it arrives to their facility, and how to kick start their treatment procedures in order to minimise downtime. 

All in all, it was a great two days full of educational benefits, hands on training, and stronger relationships. Our Japanese friends left Sweden with new expertise and ready to kick start their new R24 Continuous Seed Treater. 

If you wish a similar workshop, tailored for your organisation and NoroGard Seed Treater, don’t hesitate contacting us! 

Sejet Plantbreeding

“Sejet Plantbreeding invested 2015/2016 in a brand new modern seed test laboratory. Here we produce seed trials for new barley varieties for the European market. Ahead of this investment of renewal and modernisation we among other things looked for a modern and sophisticated new seed treater.
We had a long list of requirements and wishes. We got good recommendations regarding NoroGard, so we chose a NoroGard R300 Laboratory seed treater. The NoroGard treater instantly turned out from its best side: R300 is fast in the workflow. R300 is very easy to operate. R300 applies the treatment really well and uniform. R300 works quietly. R300 has with it´s excellent air suction solved all our previous dust issues. R300 with pneumatisk outlet hatch gives you free hands to operate during your whole process.
NoroGard has provided us with really good service. They are very open, responsive, constructive and flexible to our requirements regarding the customisation of our seed treater at Sejet Plantbreeding. Sejet Plantbreeding can in every way recommend NoroGard R300 Laboratory Seed Treater.”
Søren Houmann
Technician, Barley

How to Easily Benefit From and Gain Expertise

How do you learn the skills necessary to unlock your equipment’s potential and optimize seed treatment technologies?

It’s not rocket science, but it’s close. Applying today’s seed treatment technologies requires sophisticated equipment and know-how. Additionally, competition in seed processing is fierce, the products are expensive, and customers are demanding more value added to the seed with consistent quality year-round.

Seed treatment equipment operators must be up on the latest seed enhancement technologies and understand how and when to apply a number of products, such as pesticides, fungicides, nutrients, biologicals, inoculants, functional coatings and colorants. Also, budgets are shrinking, and staff turnover is increasing, so expertise is seldom found in-house.

How do you learn the skills necessary to unlock your equipment’s potential and optimize seed treatment technologies? There is a way.

Now, independent consultants can bring training and expertise to the companies that require them, anywhere in the world. These specialists can train staff, troubleshoot application issues, test products, customize recipes, methods and equipment, and provide impartial advice on all aspects of seed treating and equipment, no matter the seed treatment brand or product.

In fact, an independent consultant can examine the whole seed treatment process at your operation. Whether you’re new to seed enhancement technologies, have identified areas to improve in your existing processes, or want to build expertise in-house, a consultant is the most economical and efficient way to go about it.

These professionals are always testing new products, technologies and equipment, and they know what’s in the pipeline; they’re at the forefront of science—and they can help you get there too. You will get more value out of your equipment investment as well as gain a competitive edge in the industry.

I believe if you’re only competing in the marketplace on price and product you won’t last because today’s consumers want value. Improving your processes or technologies can produce that value.

Providing a consulting service to our customers was a natural step for NoroGard. Our in-house expert, who specializes in the application of all types and brands of seed treatment technologies, methods and applied products for coating and pelletizing has been working in all areas of seed treatment for 25 years, and travels around the world helping seed processors.

After all, there’s no point selling top-of-the-line seed treating equipment if operators can’t use it to its full potential.

An independent consultant can ensure your equipment serves you, and not the other way around.