Support Gender Equality in 3 Steps

Women produce a vast majority of the food in developing countries and work an average of 12-13 hours more than her male colleagues each week. Despite this, only 10-20% of farmland in these countries is owned or managed by a woman. Studies have shown that by investing in and empowering women in agriculture, improvements are clearly shown in productivity and rural livelihoods.

Diversity has been an obvious stance at NoroGard for a very long time which has resulted in a great mix of experiences and personalities, allowing for our organization to grow! The NoroGard management team is 50% female and so is our production. A move that’s only brought positive effects. Studies and reports actually show that gender equal businesses hold a higher annual revenue, than all-male corporations do.

This weekend the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference kicks off in Ontario, Canada (27-29thOctober), and in a few weeks the Women in Food and Agriculture conference runs in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (3-4thDecember). The rise of female entrepreneurs is growing within the agricultural sector too and this is the ultimate opportunity to show our support! On Instagram you’ll find hashtags such as #WomenInAgriculture and #FemaleFarmer with thousands of posts and followers across the world and similar groups can easily be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter too.

So, how can you support gender equality and female empowerment in three simple steps?

First, show the women you work with on a daily basis some appreciation! Let them know you see and appreciate all the hard work that they put in.

Second, spend a few minutes to find an organization or group within your preferred social media channel that raise awareness for women in agriculture and find a way to support them. Whether it’s through likes and positive feedback, or its more materialistic support. It’s up to you!

Third, take your female colleagues into account! Help them grow, listen to what they have to say and trust them to help the business grow!