It's Time for Your Expertise to Shine

850 million people live in hunger today. Living a life in hunger is far beyond what any of us can comprehend. But when 850 million people worldwide are lacking nutritious food, and thereby have been denied basic human rights, lead actors within the agricultural industry hold a bigger responsibility than ever.

The second goal for sustainable development, as defined by the United Nations, boils down to providing nutritious food for everyone, to double the productivity and revenue for small scale food producers and to achieve sustainable food production. As well as investing in countryside infrastructure, agricultural science, technological innovation and gene banks. Goals so directly linked to what our products are set out to achieve and contribute towards. We have a responsibility towards the accomplishment of these goals.  

The global agricultural industry has made some big advancements over the years, and new technology hits the market every year. Advancements that has made huge impact on all of us. Not only in terms of the food that we bring to the table, but also in the sharing of knowledge between agronomists and the general public. It’s thanks to your expertise, that people now care about how fairly each farmer is treated, how our food is being produced and the quality of the food that we eat today. However, it’s more important than ever that we share this knowledge and innovation with those in need, in order to beat the world hunger. The technology we have access to today would help the vulnerable farmers to strengthen their capacity to adapt to climate change. Such as flooding, droughts or extreme weathers. The second goal for sustainable development also aims to end all forms of malnutrition by year 2030. A target that’s especially pointed towards the stunting and wasting of children below the age of five, as well as pregnant or lactating women and the elderly.

Seed coating equipment with accurate dosing rates and quality application will directly add nutrition to the crops, as well as guarantee an increased yield. In crops and in revenue. NoroGard is working closely with seed breeders and seed labs all over the world in order to contribute towards the investments in technology and agricultural science. Imagine what we can do, if we all work together. This is our time to shine. We are agronomists, scientists, salespeople, marketers, engineers and entrepreneurs, with knowledge and experience that could only be found within the agricultural industry.

The UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development covers some of the biggest challenges that we are facing in modern time. They may be difficult to grasp or to find ways to contribute towards. But we are spending our lives improving the industry and the ways of farming. If anyone has the knowledge and passion that is required to end world hunger, it’s us. It’s time to achieve something that we can be genuinely proud of, and if saving the starving children of the world isn’t a factor for motivation. Then I’m not sure what is.