John Kibbee R150

“I have been developing seed treatment products and seed treating processes for over thirty years, and the first step is to get a good piece of application equipment. NoroGard is my favourite choice – top quality application, easy to use, flexible for processing conditions, flexible on batch size, good for all types of seed, sturdy and reliable. It’s amazing how often I go into a new client and find that the quality of treating is really hindering their research and development effort, and the solution I recommend is a NoroGard treater.”
John Kibbee

5 Keys for Growing Stronger

Running a business is an art. It’s an everyday struggle, and every business has its own challenges. I think I speak for most business owners when I say that most of us want to grow our business, and there are some key factors to do so.


First of all, a golden rule is if you do the same thing every day, you will most likely get the same result. So, in order to achieve growth, you need to step up and make some improvements.

Be Lazy

To grow your business, you most likely need to increase your turnover — sell more. Most of us have experienced the eager salesperson who just won’t give up, and when hiring sales

People, we often talk about finding “hunters.”

I claim the opposite. Make it easy for your customers to choose you. Be very clear with the advantages and why they will benefit from choosing your products. Selling something the client wants is easier than trying to sell them something you want to sell. And there is one way to make it easy for you: listen to the customer and find the mutual win-win opportunity.

Be Attractive

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers. Having a great team with skilled people makes a world of difference. And in order to have access to skilled people and make the best people work with you, you need to be attractive. This is more true than ever, as millennials enter the market.

They are not just looking for a job… They don’t even want a job. They want to make a difference, and for a workplace they might consider you if your brand adds value to their self-image. For us, as a machine manufacturer, it’s a challenge to attract young people to enter the production line, we need to be more attractive than game developers and real estate agencies.

Set Standards

Scaling up your business doesn’t just affect the sales department. It also puts your production on the spot. Everybody in your organization needs to focus on the delivery. If you have set the standards, it’s much easier to introduce new co-workers, and to keep track of quality control and time management overall. You as a manager also gets a clearer overview of where you need to put your resources to improve your performance.

Be Innovative

As mentioned above, doing the same thing over and over is just keeping you in old patterns. If you’re not growing your business, you’re most likely decreasing it.

It’s highly important that you have a good business intelligence and stay innovative. The only way to stay interesting, both to customers and employees, is to be adaptive to change. Always seek to improve what you are already good at, and look for areas within your organization that could be a prospect for an upgrade. Still whilst only providing what the customer is looking to buy, but in a way that ensures your business is in it for the long run. Constantly ask the question how you can do what you do, but better.

Stay Authentic

The importance of staying authentic can’t be stressed enough. Nothing gives you better marketing than a good word from a customer, co-worker, bank or supplier. Keep your promises and stay authentic to yourself, your vision and your stakeholders.

NoroGard Guests: New Holland Agriculture Japan

Two days of immersive training, strengthening of relations and exchange of experiences

Right before Easter, NoroGard were honoured by a visit from our friends at New Holland Agriculture Japan. During two days we had arranged for immersive training in their new equipment, as well as the NoroGard characteristics. However, their two day visit presented so much more! 

A workshop was carried out where they got to learn about the NoroGard software and the characteristics of their new NoroGard R24 Continuous Seed Treater. We also covered the topics of how to get the most out of the equipment through application quality, operator health and safety, the importance of appropriate cleaning and maintenance, and the functions of the R24. 

They were taught how to install their equipment once it arrives to their facility, and how to kick start their treatment procedures in order to minimise downtime. 

All in all, it was a great two days full of educational benefits, hands on training, and stronger relationships. Our Japanese friends left Sweden with new expertise and ready to kick start their new R24 Continuous Seed Treater. 

If you wish a similar workshop, tailored for your organisation and NoroGard Seed Treater, don’t hesitate contacting us!