-How to handle the drying process of treated seed?

Dust Off, Bridging, Doubles, Clumping, Plantability, Treater/Packaging Throughput, Seed Coverage…

Are any of these terms coming up in conversation about your current seed treating processes? If you think you have issues treating with current market accepted rates, what will you do when those applications rates double?

The seed treatment segment of our industry continues to show promise, it certainly is growing at a faster clip than the seed industry in general. There are a multitude of factors involved that could be discussed at length…the baseline is that seed treatments make sense.

They are good for the seed company in allowing a way to add value and differentiation (and yes, of course add some profit) to a product that is all too easily lost in “commodity market” economic pricing.

They are good for the grower in the fact that they make planting easier and more efficient, they boost germination, and create better stands of crop, thus setting the potential for better yields.

You can even make the argument that seed treatments are good for all consumers…better crop yields = less starvation (yes I know that was a broad leap, but I am trying to get to the point); concentration of treatments on the seed helps minimize broader chemical application after germination, potentially keeping farming practices sustainable and ground water clean.

So if seed treatments make sense for all parties involved, it stands to reason that the market will push the envelope on what we can adhere to the exterior of the seed.

That brings me back to my original question, What will you do when application rates double?

Oliver Manufacturing has been working on solutions for seed treatment woes for 20+ years. They have created a treating/drying system for seed that alleviates the issues discussed. This system incorporates NoroGard Seed Treaters, both batch and continuous flow treating, with a drying system that introduces heat if necessary. This summer Oliver Manufacturing completed a world class, FULL COMMERCIAL SCALE, treating and drying installation in their R&D facilities in S.E. Colorado USA. Their aim is to help you maximize your seed performance by being able to push the envelope on treating application rates in a realistic setting…no more mock up of lab size test results!

If you would like to discuss how Oliver Manufacturing can help you keep your investment on the seed, please contact Oliver Manufacturing by email: contactus@olivermanufacturing.com

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